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Letters from Jess - As Above, So Below

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Going within
I've been keeping a journal with my daughter who passed into her celestial home January 9th, of 2015. I counted the number of letters I've written since then (16 in 18 months just from me, 6 just from Jess in that timeframe, and 5 "dialogs" that go back and forth between us). I counted to check and make sure I was being healthy about this, not obsessed, not "waiting," but just communicating comfortably. I figure a letter per month is pretty good, though some months I didn't feel the urge to write at all and other months I wrote more depending on circumstances and whether emotions needed attention.

I include our little doodles because dear Desiree taught me that when I'm in the mood to write or to hear from Jess it is good to calm myself by drawing spirals, starting from the outside in. So I do. Sometimes Jess adds her little doodles too xo.

Her latest letter is very interesting, because it shows some maturity in her ability to communicate as well as her activities. It is insightful, and so I share it with love and wonderment for the vastness that is our celestial home. 

It is my understanding that our experience of "heaven" is very individualistic, though research will show some similarities. We don't lose our "personality," or our "individuality," and our experiences are as unlimited as our imaginations. Imagination is something purely divine. We have access to it here on beautiful Earth. And of course, if we were given a gift from heaven how could it be otherwise than something without limitation, something vast and huge with unlimited potential in unlimited universes and levels of vibrational life? Heaven doesn't just give us gifts of matter, though we can play with them. "Matter" is just a drop in the bucket of playtoys from heaven. It morphs. It breathes. It lives.

So I will put the photographs of her letter up and add my comments below. As I've said before, when she writes, there is usually what I call a "zinger," something I wouldn't ordinarily think about, something insightful that encourages me to consider its application in our real world. She was very helpful with the concept of "effect" in her latest letter.

About celestial teachers
The zinger for me on these pages is first, that she has several teachers, and the subjects they cover include learning, growing, having fun, reflection - a bit more about that in a minute. I love that she explains how they come by their positions - "they reach their positions through their hearts and their actions - so they want to be doing what they're doing and they like it. They smile and they laugh and they are very patient." 

So there doesn't seem to be a system of election of any form, rather a soul gets to work "at purpose" according to their own loves and interests, following their hearts so to speak. Cool beans. I like that. I'll go there!

Then when she says "I just think of what I want to do and start doing it. And I can without limitations." My first thought is "Oh no, if I were able to master something very quickly I'd surely be bored, and then what? Bored for eternity?" BUT...

A lovely new zinger to contemplate : )
Then she gives me a new zinger to contemplate. She says that what makes learning interesting (and I have a vision in my head of her playing the harmonica, which she loved to do here) is "watching the effect it has on everything else that it affects. That's something we can't see the 'whole' of when we're in Earth Life form. We only get glimpses there and sometimes they are limited to what others want us to know/see or not know/see. Here we can have awareness of everything."

So when I think of "as above, so below" I think of us in our clunky human bodies cranking out our stuff and the incredible breadth of blindness in ourselves of the effect of anything we do or say on other people, other entities, other systems, etc. And I imagine for a few minutes what it would be like to have an awareness so large and without judgment or ownership that we could "see" the ripples and feel ripples coming back to us. Another pretty vast gift of heaven. Thank goodness it's not as small as we've been taught. I think I might not be bored at all!

I think of our technologies and how we're blindly trying to bring down this ability to gauge the effects of our creations and actions using back end analytics, especially in the educational fields (but this also applies to every single action, word, thought, etc.), and I see clearly how clunky it really is, but I also see that we are making an effort to measure, in Earth terms, with Earth limitations, our effects and then to take that information and enhance our creations and efforts to improve them so that effects are better. (And that's a huge thought with many factors, such as the incentives of those who are creating and for what purpose, unfortunately usually financial gain.)

I love that in these pages she tells me that my plants love music (I play lots of it for them frequently) and they love when I imagine them growing to their full potential. They are my beloved friends.

I love that she advises me to work more with visualizing happy images in my mind. She says it helps my vibration to attract other happy imaginers and thinkers. Well I love that don't I? Let's all do a little more of it. I wonder how many of us let the media dictate our thoughts and imaginings. How many of us sit on the porch for a few minutes each day and fill our minds with happy imaginings - memories, dreams. I agree it is "good to play with," as she says.

I'm fascinated with what she says about nourishment. "It's a form of love. It's something we absorb - it's everywhere, and we choose what to engage with to feel nourished." Well that's just beautiful. How do we fit that into our day? 

Here's where the maturity is starting to show in her growth - it was always there, but she's exploring it and sharing it more now - when she says "we can get nourishment in several different ways, for several different purposes - cleansing - all our 'layers,' creating, relaxing, socializing, resting, exploring, learning, everything imaginable. Nourishment is abundant and free for the choosing. There is no ownership here," (Big one.) "only availability. Everything is freeflowing. Priceless. So there is no fear of scarcity." 

We think nourishment is "food," and we scarf down whatever we pick up in the stores that "isn't" food, or we follow an organic or vegan regime and we forget to remember that nourishment is so many things besides what we know as "food." We are deeply nourished by experiences of the right kind, more than we know. They are powerful. And very personal. Each person knows deep down inside what experiences, things, places, people will give them nourishment. What if we seek that consciously? Do we know to do that? I for one, am giving more time to activities that nourish me, knowing that I'm being fed on levels I was previously unaware of. I don't need anyone's permission. Isn't that lovely?

I am interested in her illustration of the active process of manifestation: thought => action => promotion/marketing => distribution + supplies/time => results. She says the formula works on Earth: desire/love/pursuit/learning/action => results, but it is "affected by Earthlings themselves." I love that she says there is a lot of room for all kinds of creation on Earth. I totally understand when she says it makes a difference to be in a "peaceable community."

Jess doodles
Jess doodles
Jess doodles
Jess doodles
Thank you my sweet love for sharing your beautiful insights. May we find peace in our hearts to see the glimpses of your heaven that you share with us, and may we find inspiration in your beautiful words. Thank you for coming to us! I love you forever and a day.


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