Thursday, August 3, 2017

5 Big Spirits, Falling in Love, Finding a Dream - Magic Mystery Roadtrip Revelations Part 7 Continued 4

Men will be men, and sometimes it's best to just leave them to it.
This is an exquisite place for them to do that!
They did say that women were also welcome in these rooms.
Leather couches, pool tables, lots of gorgeous graphics.
Okay so a few of the graphics are a little randy.
But I say that's good and healthy. This one hangs behind the door so you don't see it
unless the door is closed, or unless you look, like I did : P
Country girls are randy, right?
I think this was in the gun room, which is fairly spartan.
It's not really an "entertainment" area. Just where they stored the hunting guns. 
The ceiling in the gun room is gorgeous glowy gold.
A place to sit with a cigar after a good morning/afternoon/evening of shooting.
The fireplace in the gun room is very simple compared to the rest in the house.
All done. Now we've been through the Biltmore together. Wasn't it just beeautiful?! I want to go back. I want annual passes.

Magic Mystery Roadtrip Revelation Number 11: Sometimes that very thing you dread, the thing you think you can't do, turns out to be a surprisingly inspirational thing if you have the courage to step past your barriers and do it.

If you're up for a good read, check out the Serafina books, which are set at the Biltmore. They're written for children ages 9-12 or so, but still fun. A very wise move on the part of the author. The books sell Biltmore tours, and the Biltmore sells the books. I bought my copies and read them about a year ago. You can look for "mystery" items in the house as you go through, such as secret panels, certain cats, owls, etc. Makes it a whole lot of fun.

They have worldclass top of the line shopping in their giftshops. The giftshops are located in the area where the stables used to be, so it's interesting to see how they converted the real estate, preserving some beautiful, interesting aspects of the architecture.

I saw the most beautiful nativity set I've ever seen in my life there - it's only about 850 bucks. No I didn't buy it! But it was great to take a photo! I asked first and they said it's allowed. I love the three kings the best.

The Nativity Set
I fell in love with this Santa because he's all naturey, plus he has an owl.
How cool is that? But I didn't buy him.
I bought something very special to remember our Biltmore visit. I'll show it to you in the next post and share the last story of the "HAVES," along with the new dream.

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