Thursday, August 3, 2017

4 Big Spirits, Falling in Love, Finding a Dream - Magic Mystery Roadtrip Revelations Part 7 Continued 3

Now let's go see where they played!
Are you still with me on the magical tour of the Biltmore? The best is yet to come! We're down on the basement level, where the grownups went to play.

Whimsy and love decorate what's called "The Halloween Room."
The master and his lady painted it themselves, with such joy and sweetness.
You can feel the happy vibes down here.
Pineapples represent hospitality, and those look like some very happy fish!
A nod to Napoleon, whose chess set sits in the library upstairs.
You just know that painting this section of the basement had to be a darn good time!
Enchanting. They loved their kitties at Biltmore, cause they took care of the mice.
She must be dreaming of wonderful things to write down, it looks like she has
a writing instrument in her hand and maybe some rolled up parchment paper.
Maybe she's going to draw instead....

Beautiful windows, gorgeous views, even from the basement.
Yes, they even had a bowling alley! The niches in the walls at the far end of the lanes are
where staff people would stand, ready to run out and set up the pins after they'd been knocked down.
A huge bench where peeps could sit awaiting their turn to bowl, or just to watch the game!
These are the doorways to the changing rooms down in the basement,
where peeps would put on their sports clothing or swimsuits.
Inside one of the changing rooms.
The indoor swimming pool was magnificent.
I think it holds some 60,000 gallons, which is very, very large!

The other end of the workout room.
Let's play!
Walking through some of the basement corridors you could see where the fireplace ashes
could be cleaned out from downstairs so as not to get the rooms dirty upstairs.
The floors are gleaming, and beautiful even in the basement.
Walk in cold storage area.
Canned goods storage area. Note the desk where the staff could makes lists and organize details. I love it.
Yes! They did a lot of canning : )
Male staff had their rooms in the basement. Females were on the highest floors.
No hanky panky here!
Really nice rooms, well appointed.
I think this was the pastry kitchen, but I might be wrong on that.
This kitchen had a huge place with a spit where they could cook
a whole pig or deer or whatever beastie was for dinner.
I LOVED the sinks! There were many in the multiple kitchens down in the basement. Well-used.
With wonderful, long marble cutting/washing board areas where I'm sure meat was prepared.
Very nicely functional, especially for this era, with hot and cold water available right where the work was done!
Even in the basement there were lovely windows letting in light and breezes.
And these windows had spectacular views!
I could stand here all day and do whatever they wanted me to do! What a spectacular place to work.
Dishes? No problem! Let me....
All kinds of state of the art equipment in these kitchens!
This is the view over the big sink. Yeah, I could work there. I bet it's different every day.
Beautiful floors in those kitchens.
Beautiful views in those kitchens. Warm in winter, breezes in summer, and cold water to work with.
The other side of the main kitchen. Look at those gleaming copper pots, mmmmm.
More state of the art equipment for something, maybe a coffee grinder? Very pretty....

Small cold storage for cheeses and things in the kitchen area.
Dumbwaiter for sending food upstairs.
There was another one right across from it.
I didn't count the sinks, but there were many of them throughout the multiple kitchens.
I could happily work at this one too. How beautiful!
Lots and lots of little coffee cups!
And THIS is the staff dining room. Very nice, eh?
Storage area for plant things, yum.
Isn't this a lovely space to do plant things?
Storage for vases and more plant things. They were exquisite. 
See that rabbit up there? Yeah, I want him....
Storage for display equipment used upstairs. Those little wooden stands that
you can pop a bowl on and make it look like a million.
Those glass dust protectors for statuary and what nots. All just beautiful!
Oh my gosh, I'm trying to wind this up but I have to show you the laundry rooms.
Get a load of those irons!
Lots of side-by-side sinks with washboards. Imagine being a staff person and
the sense of community you'd have while you  worked. Could be fun.
Yep, lots and lots of sinks. Wonder if they fought over water pressure.
We can clearly see which was the favorite : )
Part of the main laundry room with clothes press. And/or linen press.
I think this was a clothes dryer. Very innovative for the time.
Am sure they used it for linens, but definitely not clothing.
Get a load of this linen hanger for drying things like tablecloths and sheets. Wowzers!
A little fountain even in the basement area!
Looking up!
Well shoot. I've taken you through the kitchens, but realize I haven't taken you through the bachelor's quarters yet or the gun room and they really are worth a peek. All right, just one more post 'til I wind this up with our big dream revelation. Stay with me, li'l old me wasn't even tired walking this tour over 5 and 1/2 hours, so you can't be suffering too much in your armchair though I know it's long, just enjoy it.... : ) I had a heck of a time whittling down my 586 photos!

Magic Mystery Roadtrip Revelations Number 10: It's so beautiful at the Biltmore that I find it hard to choose whether I'd rather be a staff worker or a member of the aristocracy, back in the day! Biltmore is a great example of how different levels of society can coexist and get work done, but everyone is made to feel appreciated. The employees today say it's still a happy place to work, and it had a great reputation back in the day.

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