Thursday, August 3, 2017

3 Big Spirits, Falling in Love, Finding a Dream - Magic Mystery Roadtrip Revelations Part 7 Continued 2

Need a little help getting dressed? Hungry?
Just press this button and help will come your way.
The master of the house's bedroom.
I had to capture the beautiful carving on this chair, located in the master's bedroom.
And the fireplace mantle in this bedroom. It's a little bit randy, but very elegant too.
Where the gentleman brushed his hair and checked out his duds in the morning.
The clocks throughout the home are gorgeous. Note that candles are set near this clock in the master's bedroom.
What I love about that is that it illustrates how the house is still set up for functionality.
In those days, you'd need some light to be able to see what time it is.
Clocks in those days were important, where today they're practically obsolete, since we have the time at our fingertips on our electronic devices. I still have special, beautiful clocks in my home, but I haven't worn a watch for years.

The private area in the sitting room between the two main bedrooms
where George and his wife would have an intimate breakfast together. 
They wrote letters in this room.
They played cards in this room.
There were mirrors in this room over the fireplace mantels. If you look at this photo carefully,
you'll see the carving of a little guy standing there. I just wanted to bring him home.
The lady of the house's bedroom is located across the sitting room from her husband's room.
It's very "girlie."
Her bed.
Her chaise longue. Wouldn't you just love to take a nap or read by the fire, here?
Her bedside still looks like she could go curl up there tonight.
Something amazing about her bedroom is that the walls AND doors are curved.
No small feat for the architects and carpenters who made that happen!
We're getting to one of my very favorite places of the house, the reading hallway.
Here sits a bust of Moliere, which I also wanted to take home with me. Gorgeous!
Look at those windows! Yes, they all open. Can you imagine how it might have felt
to have breezes flowing through the house?
The Reading Hallway. I could spend a century here too.
Oh look! They have Andrew Lang's Fairy Book Series! I was very excited about this.
Because the reading material in the house isn't just business. It's not just "for show." It's for true entertainment.
Clearly, these people had a very well-rounded sense of what's valuable and I really enjoyed that!
A welcoming place for guests to gather and socialize. 
And in the guests' socializing room there were plenty of places
to sit and read or play music, yum!
In each of the guest rooms there are places to get ready for the day, or for bed, and they're marvelously functional.
Marble tabletops don't mind a little water splashing on them. Notice they have tiled backsplashes too. We don't see this kind of furniture these days, it's been obsolete for a while!
Many of the guest rooms, and definitely the master and lady of the house's rooms have
private bathrooms complete with hot and cold running water. Not so common in those times.
The views of the mountains out all the windows are spectacular too. Look how deep that tub is!
And in those bathrooms they had fully plumbed potties with the tank up above and a pull-chain handle.
You can't see the pull-chain cause it's behind the door. When we lived in London we had a potty like this.
Accommodations in the guest rooms on the third floor of the house are beautiful,
and each includes a writing desk.
Another beautiful desk. I'm a desk person myself, can't remember when I didn't have one.
Many of the desks in the house are set up for "business," in that their purpose was for
the ladies to organize operations with their staff or lady's maids.
There's a room called The Madonna Room, which made me tear up.
All of the prints and ink drawings in this room are of the Madonna. Just beautiful.
People who know me know that I have "a Madonna thing," lol.
I had to take a photo of this doorway. Look how wide the frame is, and so beautiful!
Magic Mystery Roadtrip Revelation Number 9: Stepping back in time into this environment that is, nevertheless rooted solidly in the present, is an adventure not to be missed. Put it on your bucket list for sure! It is transporting, and we found it a magical, wonderful experience.

Just one more post about this beautiful place, the Biltmore, and then I'll tell you the dream Rob and I discovered....

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