Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Peyote Rainbow Ruffle Bracelet

Learning new stuff!
I decided to teach myself how to do a peyote stitch cuff bracelet that would be lightweight with no backing. I've seen a lot of these in my research on what other beaders do, and one thing I wanted was a soft, ruffly border, which I hadn't seen. The border on this bracelet probably includes more beads (and more time) than the interior part of the bracelet itself. I was happy that it turned out just how I imagined it in my mind. All fluffy and ruffly and beautiful.

Then I wanted something to make it special, so I looked through all my cabochons and this little clay face one appealed to me immensely. I had no idea how it would work, stitching her onto this lovely bracelet without any stitching showing on the back side. I didn't know if the beads would align so that I could stitch around the cab properly. It was a big leap - and it worked! Yaybers!!
Little Clay Face with her floral headdress and garden leaves.
After I sewed the little clay face cab onto the peyote stitched background, she let me know she wanted some flowers on her headdress, so we picked some out and stitched them on. And then she wanted to be surrounded by some greenery that would suggest she lives in a beautiful garden. So I chose two lovely green agate cabochons and anchored them onto the rainbow background.

Voila! We have a little garden sprite among rainbow colors and I now know how to do a whole peyote stitched bracelet. Only takes 32 and a half hours, lots of good music, and some old movies.

There she is, little rainbow sprite with her garden leaves.
This bracelet includes a nice strong 5-loop magnetic clasp of sterling silver. It's secured with wire guards, and I've gone through each loop four times, to give it a lot of strength. It's sewn with 4 lb Fireline, so the ends have about 20 combined lbs of strength to hold it with no worries. Length is 7 inches. It's drapey and soft on your wrist, not heavy, not hot. Very cool, in fact ; )

This bracelet will be on exhibit at the Bellefonte Art Museum through the month of October, then for sale in Dreamkeeper Creations, if she doesn't find her forever home before then.

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