Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tree Book Short Chapter 6 - In Which I Learn I Am Not Alone Even When I'm Alone

My Mama Tree - In Which I Learn I Am Not Alone Even When I'm Alone

I was about 14 years old, yet again the new kid on the block, as we had returned from England and moved from our wonderful old yellow house with the beautiful birch tree, sycamore trees, and apple trees, to a new house that my parents had loved for years from afar. They were thrilled when the new house came up for sale, and happily set about purchasing it and moving the family to the neighborhood across town.

I was sad to leave my friends but happy to explore the beautiful park that sat across the street from the new house. I discovered a gorgeous elm tree way down at the end of the park, a tall and stately tree with rough textured, soft grey colored bark and pale green tiny leaves that shimmered in the sun.

I would go there and put one arm around it, always greeting it when I arrived, and saying thank you when I left though I didn’t consciously know why at the time. It felt like a friendly, strong supportive being that was nurturing to be with during a time when my life was full of changes. I went there many times throughout my high school years and enjoyed the constancy of it.

The feeling I got from this tree was its ability to contain, listen, absorb my emotion-- and give back a sense of serenity--it had a strength that took all I gave and gave me back room to breathe. What magic. A gift.

Years later the city redid the roads around the park and in the process made the park smaller, cutting down my beautiful tree and paving over the land where it had grown. That was sooo upsetting, but I will always have the love of that tree and the times with it in my heart. They gave me strength and peace that continues to be a part of me today.

I hope that tree now lives in the “Big Garden in the Sky” that is one of the places I plan to inhabit when I leave this world. What a joy it will be to see it again.

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